Caravan and Motor Home Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning


Give your carpets or upholstery a new lease of life with a professional clean from Carpetcare – CaravanCare

turbo-dryer-150x150Carpets & upholstery in caravans or motor homes can really take a beating and should be cleaned regularly to ensure the fabrics continue to look great and protect your investment for years to come.

Specialist cleaning by trained technicians is imperative to clean your fabrics safely, leaving them clean and fresh, ready for your next exciting adventure.

Increased airflow is necessary to improve the drying process in a caravan as if left damp, fabrics can develop mould or mildew.

Following specialist cleaning, CarpetCare will install specialist turbo dryers to increase air circulation and water evaporation, leaving your caravan clean and fresh, just ready for your next break!



For The Most Thorough Clean You’ve Ever Seen…Guaranteed!