Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Having your carpets cleaned will help prolong their life and protect your investment.

On a daily basis your carpet is subject to more wear and tear than any other item in your home which can affect its overall appearance. Soil and grit walked into the home daily can quickly damage carpet fibres leading to premature wear.

Carpetcare North East use specialist equipment and expertise

To remove not only dirt and soiling but also shampoo residue and water left in your carpet, ensuring your carpets stay cleaner for longer. Unlike our service, most DIY rented carpet cleaning equipment or untrained technicians will leave carpets wet with detergent residue. This may result in damage to your carpets through shrinkage or at least unwanted odour from bacteria.

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Choose a TACCA Certified Upholstery Specialist…




Our Multi-Stage Carpet Cleaning Process Is Simply Brilliant!

Carpetcare offer a multi-stage carpet cleaning programme recognised by TACCA, IICRC and leading carpet manufacturers.
This ensures your carpets are cleaned safely and are left thoroughly cleansed, smelling fresh and dry within hours.
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STEP 1 — Pre-Inspection

We carry out a thorough inspection of your carpets , checking fibre type and identify possible stains.

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STEP 2 — Furniture Moving

Sofas, chairs and tables will be carefully moved. Larger pieces, wardrobes, bookcases and dressers are usually left in place. Furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs.

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STEP 3 — Commercial pre-vacuum

We use a very powerful commercial vacuum cleaner to remove dry gritty soil that domestic vacuum cleaners leave behind.

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STEP 4 — Pre-Spray & Pre-Spot

Traffic areas and spots are pre-treated for more effective soil and spot removal. The carpet is pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution to gently break down the soils in your carpet.

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STEP 5 — Agitation

Your carpet will be agitated with a rotary cleaning machine which will massage the pile as the pre-spray loosens soil.

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STEP 6 — Rinse & Extract

Our extremely powerful Airflex extraction machine will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. Pressure and heat are regulated so that carpet is not over-wet.

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STEP 7 — Post-Stain Treatment

Any stains not removed during the cleaning process will be treated with special solutions to try and release the stain.

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STEP 8 — Turbo Dry & Grooming

Special turbo dryers are put in place to have your carpet dry in no time. We use special tool which lifts the carpet pile and speeds up the drying process.

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STEP 9 — Replace Furniture

Move all furniture back into place with disposable protectors put under the feet to protect the carpet from possible stain transfer.

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STEP 10 — Final Inspection

Final inspection – We fully inspect the freshly cleaned carpet and check that you are delighted with our work.