How to clean dog urine from a carpet…

Oh puppies! With their big eyes and wagging tails, they’re just so hard to resist! Even the most hardened heart can be softened after playing with a pup. But as much as you may love their adorable faces and fuzzy ears, I doubt that you’ll enjoy potty-training your puppy. Like roses with thorns, puppies are both lovable and frustrating; for every sweet kiss and cuddle, there’s crying, nipping, gnawed furniture, begging at dinner, and of course, peeing in the house. Whether you’re potty-training your new puppy or cleaning up after an older dog, it’s essential that every dog owner knows how to clean dog urine from carpet properly. With Carpetcare tips, you can learn how to remove the urine you see, the urine you don’t see, and the odours that linger afterward. First, use paper towels to soak up as much urine as possible. Pile up a few layers and place them on the stain, weighing them down with something heavy like a brick. You could also stand (wearing shoes of course) on top of the padding. Keep the paper towels pressed down for about a minute, remove and repeat as needed. If you’re able to do this soon after the dog’s accident, you should be able to soak up most of the urine. When the area is barely damp, rinse it with water and then blot up the remaining liquid.

Of course knowing how to clean dog urine from carpet goes beyond simply removing most of the offending yellow liquid.  You’ll also need to use a basic carpet cleaner to effectively clean the accident zone. Then, use a high-quality pet odour neutraliser             (available at pet supply stores) to completely remove the odour.

Avoid using cleaning chemicals with strong odours, like those containing ammonia or vinegar. These don’t clean carpet and eliminate carpet odour in the same way carpet cleaners and pet odour neutralisers do. From your dog’s perspective, the smell will still be there (remember that Fido’s sense of smell is far better than yours) and may encourage your dog to pee there again, reinforcing his or her scent mark in that area.

It’s also a bad idea to use steam cleaners, which can set the stain permanently. Instead of cleaning the carpet, steam cleaners sometimes attach the urine and its odour to the carpet fibres.

To clean dog urine from carpet when the stain has been there for a long time (already dried and set), a professional extractor or professional carpet cleaner is necessary. This will not only help remove any staining, but also remove traces of the scent by forcing water through your carpet. Following this, the carpet may need to be cleaned to remove any further staining. Depending on the length of time the stain has been around, it may not be possible to remove the whole stain.