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As the regions number one carpet cleaning company, we clean carpets in a lot of different environments, not only in your house!

We also specialise in commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, looking after numerous clients across the North East.

Pubs, Clubs, Shops, Restaurants, Cafés, Schools, Offices…. Even CAR SHOWROOMS!

Last week we made our frequent visit to BRISTOL STREET MOTORS in Darlington, this time visiting their SKODA and SEAT car showrooms.

I have to say, BRISTOL STREET MOTORS certainly look after their showrooms, having us visit regularly to clean every carpet in the building, including the upstairs offices. This ensures both the staff and customers always have a first-class, immaculate & safe environment in which to do business. While we’re there, I also can’t help but look at the brand-new range of beautiful cars!

You’d be really surprised at just how much dirt we can remove from even the cleanest of carpets, so just imaging what comes out of a busy car showroom!

With the carpets heavy in coffee, tea, oil, and a host of other stains, we really need to know what we’re doing to remove them quickly and safely.

Here’s an idea of what we do….

First, we vacuum using an immensely powerful commercial grade vacuum cleaner… not just a little Henry! It’s important to remove all dry particulates before applying any liquid solutions.

Once we’re happy with this, it’s time for the pre-spray. This is a special formulation of premium, higher pH chemicals designed to eat into, and dissolve dirty soils embedded in the carpet.

We then use a special machine called a ‘CRB’ unit, to brush in the solution, ensuring it’s doing its job. CRB means – Contra Rotating Brush.

Then comes the job of extraction! Rinsing the carpet is one of the most important stages of carpet cleaning. This is the bit where we ‘extract’ the dirt and stains from the carpet.

Our AirFlex extraction system really is a beast when it comes to rinsing carpets. With over 250ft of hose available, the machine sits outside the showroom and is filled with a special rinse solution that is low in pH value. Whilst rinsing away all the dirt, this solution is designed to neutralise the carpets pH value, leaving it soft with no sticky, soapy residue left behind. This unfortunately is what happens when someone with little training our experience tries to do the job. The carpet ends up soaking and starts to smell bad…. Beware!

We are fully trained and insured, but due to our experience, have never once needed to use it!

We rinse the carpet using our powerful AirFlex machine, which sucks out a huge amount of the moisture, along with the dirt!

Along with the rinse agent, a powerful deodorising and anti-viral / bacterial solution is applied to ensure complete sanitation against COVID. You can also smell a lovely ‘Ocean Breeze’ odour coming from the showroom!

We then place AirPods around the garage to start to get the carpets dry ready for customers!

All in all, it’s quite a task to get all the carpets cleaned and much credit to BRITOL STREET MOTORS for putting the welfare of their staff and customers first!

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